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A spiritual retreat: Discovering the magnificent Anandeshwar temple in Lasur.

During our recent trip to my hometown Akola, we had the pleasure of visiting the breathtaking Anandeshwar Temple located in Lasur on 16ᵗʰ September 2021. After being away from Akola for a year and a half due to the Covid pandemic, this trip was highly anticipated. Akola is a city situated in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, while Lasur is a small village nestled in the Daryapur Taluka of the Amravati district in Maharashtra.

The Anandeshwar Temple is a stunning example of ancient Indian architecture and was built around the 12ᵗʰ century CE during the reign of the Yadava dynasty. The temple's unique construction style and intricate stone carvings make it stand out from other regional temples. The temple's architecture is of the Hemadpanthi style.

Anandeshwar Lasur Temple

We could see the grand structure from afar as we drove toward the temple. The temple is surrounded by lush green farms, adding to its serene ambiance. The temple structure is built on a slightly elevated base, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding village. Just outside the temple, there is a huge Peepal tree that adds to the grandeur of the temple.

The walls are adorned with elaborate carvings of Gods and Goddesses. The carvings are so detailed that one can spend hours admiring them and still not be able to appreciate all the intricacies. The temple's sanctum sanctorum houses the Shiva Linga. There are a few stone idols placed in the sabha mandap.

One of the unique features of the temple is its open roof, which allows natural light and air to enter the temple, creating a peaceful atmosphere inside. The open roof provides a stunning view of the sky, adding to the temple's serene ambiance.

The temple is easily visible from the highway and can be accessed by car, making it accessible for people of all ages. During our visit, the temple was not crowded, allowing us to explore and admire the temple's beauty at our own pace. Some locals also came to the temple out of curiosity when they saw us.

Our visit to the Anandeshwar Temple was a memorable experience. We spent one and a half hours at the temple premises, enjoying its magnificence and serenity.

If you're planning a trip to Akola or Amravati, be sure to visit this temple and experience its unique magnificence and tranquility.



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